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          2019-06-21 11:20





          Amer International Group inspected E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) "AI Medical"

          On June 21th, 2019, the general manager of Amer International Group, one of  Fortune 500 companies  Mr.Xu Xianzhong and the Secretary General of the Tsinghua University Shanxi Alumni Association , Mr. Wang Qingsheng with his team, accompanied by Dr. Qi Shaorong, the co-president of our company, visited E-Techco Group (Qianhai AnyCheck) to inspect smart medical care. Innovate and negotiate strategic cooperation. E-Techco Group CTO Ge Xinke, Chief Engineer Dr. Gao Weiming, and Mr. Fu Wenzheng, the pre-sales manager of the Solution Department, accompanied the whole team to inspect and listened carefully to the on-site guidance of the expert group.

          The delegation first learned about the overall corporate culture construction, scientific research team, patent innovation and other work of the group. On the spot, we watched the medical information of our company's safety and health integrated machine, safety and health TCM physical fitness instrument, and Chinese medicine auxiliary diagnosis system. The functional demonstration of the product, detailed on-site operation, demonstration and explanation, was well received by the delegation.

          At the meeting, Dr. Gao Weiming from E-Techco Group expressed his gratitude to the delegation for their guidance and cooperation. Dr. Gao briefly introduced the basic situation of E-Techco Group and the medium- and long-term development plan. The delegation also actively participated in the discussion. The issues of resource sharing and medical informatization construction were discussed and exchanged in depth. A consensus was reached on this meeting and a preliminary cooperation intention was formed.

          After field visits and negotiations, the delegation gave unanimous affirmation and full recognition to our company's continuous innovation and industrial application in the field of “AI+Medical + Health + Elderly Care”, and expressed that the two sides cooperated extensively in the field of smart medical care. We are eagerly awaiting to promote the development of smart medical innovation.