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          2019-06-17 18:02






          Tsinghua (Big Data) visited E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) AI Medical

          On June 15, 2019, Dr. Zhao Yong, Chairman of the Western Branch of Tsinghua Big Data Industry Association , also a big data expert of the Chinese Computer Society, and a national special scientist, visited the headquarters of E-Techco (Qianhai AnyCheck) in Shenzhen to inspect intelligent medical innovation and discuss strategic cooperation. Chairman and CEO Zhang Guanjing, CTO Dr. Ge Xinke, Chief Engineer Dr. Gao Weiming, Deputy Engineer Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, Assistant President Ms. Chen Cong warmly welcomed the delegation.

          Dr. Zhao inspected the Group's intelligent equipment exhibition area, patent exhibition area, information product display area and pilot workshop, watched the product demonstrations of our health integrated machine and TCM auxiliary diagnosis system, and listened to the production and operation, talent introduction and strategic layout of E-Techco Group, and more than 3000 patents transformed into scientific research achievements.

          During the investigation, Dr. Zhao also experienced our health integrated machine, he also measured  his physical fitness such asHeight, weight, blood pressure and blood oxygen. He expressed satisfaction and appreciation for our products, enterprise strength and patent innovation.

          Through on-the-spot investigations, viewing corporate videos, and seminars, the delegation was highly satisfied with the results of this survey and highly praised E-Techco Group's business philosophy, research and development strength, product quality and operational capabilities. The delegation also expressed its expectation for follow-up cooperation, and encouraged E-Techco Group to take the initiative to dock and demand cooperation and cooperation in smart medical related projects.

          Chairman Zhang Guanjing said that E-Techco Group and Tsinghua University have maintained a close strategic partnership and have broad cooperation space in the layout of smart medical industry. I hope that this visit will be an opportunity to promote cooperation between the two parties as soon as possible. Promote the improvement of scientific research capabilities and the output of high-level scientific and technological achievements, and strive to add new kinetic energy to the high-quality development of smart medical care, and jointly help the implementation of healthy China strategy!